Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Does He Keep Coming Back

There are many women that ask the question why does he keep coming back into my life?  If you care deeply for a man that comes and goes in and out of your life, it's not an easy road to walk.  You feel he must care because he keeps coming back, yet when he is gone, you are filled with doubts.  If he loves you why doesn't he stay?

If you aren't stressed by this behavior it's all good and fine, but when you long for more from him, more commitment, more time, just more in general, it becomes painful.  Many women allow these men to keep coming back because they think his feelings will grow.  It happens, but it is rare.

Men keep coming back because for the main point, you allow him too for starters.  It's easy for him.  If he gets lonely or wants company, there you are, ole faithful, waiting with open arms.  The thing is, he probably senses you want more, but are willing to settle for less just for the sake of his company.  This isn't the way to earn his respect though that is for sure.

Some men just aren't ready for a relationship or so they say.  They use this as an excuse for their come and go behavior and we buy it.  If a relationship is what you want, why spend time with a man who doesn't want the same things in life as you do?  Usually man translation of "I don't want a relationship", really means "I don't want a relationship with you".

Sure he cares for you or else he wouldn'tkeep coming back.  You are comfortable for him.  If he isn't sticking around though, trust me, he doesn't care enough.


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