Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 Signs He Wants A Relationship

Dating a new guy can be stressful at times. In the beginning you don't really know if he sees you as casual or if he actually does want a relationship. Guys in the early dating stages really are testing you to see if you are relationship material. Excluding the players of course. They want to see what you are made of.

Guys fear that you will turn into a high maintenance drama queen. Keep this in mind, as even if he does want a relationship, the drama queen will scare him away. He will leave you in the dust and search elsewhere.

There are signs that men who want a relationship show. Below are 7 sure signs this is what he is looking for and that he sees you as a potential.

1. He calls you and keeps in contact on a consistent basis. He doesn't go overboard though. If a man is calling almost daily or texting, he is interested. Beware of the man that calls or texts constantly in the beginning. Chances are he is looking for a relationship, but with the first woman that comes along, you really aren't that special. The chronic texter and caller does this to all women, not just you.

2. He makes plans ahead of time and doesn't call you at the last minute. He picks you up, takes you out and pays for the date. Even if he doesn't have a lot of money, he still takes charge and wants to make sure you have a good time with him. This does not mean always going to his house. He takes you out in public, he is proud of you.

3. If you are wondering does he want a relationship, another sign is he is truly interested in your daily life. He asks about your friends, school, work etc...He takes an interest in that which interests you. The fact that he pays attention to what interests you speaks volumes.

4. He shares his daily life with you. He wants to tell you about his day. He tells you stories about his friends and family. He talks about his pets, his interests.

5. He introduces you to friends, family and coworkers. If these people in his life know you exist, chances are good he does want a relationship with you. If they all know your name, you are in.

6. He talks about the future. He may ask you to a concert that is a month away. If he is making plans that are in the distant future and is including you, he sees you as long term.

7. He uses the term "we", not just I. When he is talking to others he makes sure they know that you are a couple and that you have done things together. He doesn't falter or avoid the term "we". A guy that proudly utters the word we, well you don't have to ask, "does he want a relationship ", he likely does.


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