Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When Your Boyfriend Takes You for Granted

When your boyfriend takes you for granted, you feel it. I doubt it's your imagination. He very well may be doing just that, taking you for granted. Before you cast a finger his way though, really examine if you could be a contributor to this fact. Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations. We think because we feel a man should show us more, in his mind, it might not be this way at all.

Linda was dating Mike. Mike and Linda get along well, but Linda just started doing random things for Mike without Mike asking her to. She heard him say he was out of dog food, she was at the grocery, she just picked some up. He said thank you. Few days later, she washed all of his dishes up, he didn't ask her too, she just did it. The good deeds started adding up and Linda sort of started keeping a silent score. Mike on the other hand sees it as he didn't ask for it and may even be uncomfortable about it. Now he thinks, oh God, Linda is going to start expecting me to do these things for her. It doesn't work that way.
One thing is for sure though regardless, if he is taking you for granted, nagging, talking, asking him what's wrong, arguing, telling him how you feel will NOT fix it. If you are telling your boyfriend that he is taking you for granted, you are wasting you breath. You have to show him, not tell him.

Pull back from the relationship. Not 100%, but start doing other things. Start investing into yourself and treating yourself the way you wished he would treat you. If you don't feel appreciated when you do something for him, stop the doing. Back off from the actions that contribute.

Men are far sighted, which means they see you clearer at a distance. They really do. Give yourself some space and watch how he comes towards you. When you take your space a man notices. If it's a man you are in a relationship with, he needs to know how you feel, but timing is everything. If your boyfriend is taking you for granted, give him the space to come to you because when he comes to you, he will be ready to hear what you have to say, not when you want it to happen. Patience pays off if you want long term satisfaction.

Men are easy. If you are struggling, perhaps you don't really understand them. You can get what you want out of your relationship, men are simple, really.



  1. I have always noticed that stepping back from him always brings him back to you!!!

  2. As easy as it sounds, I would be too afraid to that, having been thru a bad divorce in the past. We are already at a disadvantage in that we live over 200 miles away from each other and only see each other maybe once a month. We talk every night at least a few minutes to keep the lines of communication open. And yes, I call him as he does not own a cell phone.We both have been thru really bad relationships in the past as well. But yeah it does hurt to not hear him tell me that he thinks i'm pretty (I'm not any where near being physically pretty at all) or how much he misses me when we are apart. He used to send me cards all the time but not anylonger.