Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Your Guy Ignores You Can You Get His Attention Again?

When you are together he seems so into you. He is all over you. Then when he is not, he may not call for days or maybe even weeks. He seems to blow hot and cold. You may have just had a great date, such a connection, then your guy ignores you. What is going on and why does he do this.

We as women often try so hard to get his attention. We bend ourselves into a pretzel trying to please him. We make ourselves available to fit his schedule, we call him when we haven't heard from him. We actually start behaving like a wife long before the ring is on our finger. If you are doing this, that ring won't ever be on your finger. Being clingy, depending on your him for your validation will only cause your guy to ignore you more.

Men really do like to feel they have the woman that not every guy could get. He likes knowing he had to work for her. If your guy is ignoring you, he doesn't place value on you. A girl a guy sees as valuable is one he had to work for, not one that is always available to him.

If your guy ignores you, don't push him. No amount of talking will do it. Talking about it, complaining that he isn't giving you attention actually pushes him away. Men don't respond to words, they respond to distance. If you distance yourself from him, mirror his behavior, he will start to sense that you are no longer making him a priority. It triggers in him that maybe he might have to start working to get your attention for a change.

Think about it. Why should you be the one doing all the work to make him happy. Wouldn't it feel nice to sit back and let him do the work to make you happy for a change. This really is the way it should be. If your guy is ignoring you, this is a sign something is seriously wrong. 

Find out the real reason guys pull away.

If you aren't getting what you want out of your dating and relationships, it may be time to make some changes. Ever seen that woman who seems to get guys so easily. What does she have? What makes guys want to be with her? Find out how to inspire a man deep in his core to want you and only you. 


  1. I am 100% agreed on this..thank u for sharing :)

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  3. Hey Carolina...

    I am totally agreed with your share.. The way suggested in the post appears good and i will implement it in the future if facing any such problem. I feel very delightful after finding this blog and subscribe to it in the future.

  4. This is so true and helpful. Hoping every girl in this world will read this.

  5. "Ever seen that woman who seems to get guys so easily. What does she have? What makes guys want to be with her?"

    Okay, I am that woman. I came here because I Googled "when men start calling". See, I'm in a r'ship with a guy right now, whom I feel bad about never calling but I just plain never do. No matter what stupid ish I'm up to, it's always more important than he is. Yet this seems to drive him wild for me. I work with two guys I could give a F about and both of them email and text me every day wanting to hang out and know what's up. Next, over the past few days a male friend - and strictly friendzoned friend only as in forever platonic I Just Could Never, OK? - has been FB chatting me, bugging me, etc... and this afternoon he CALLS me. With nothing intelligent to say. Wasting my time. I could not wait to get off the phone with this bugaboo.

    So, in amusement, I Googled "when men start calling" to see an objective account of why this is, and why I generally have guys crawling all over me. I'm not even skinny. I'm hourglass shaped and don't work out. Yet this happens all the time.

    Ladies, here is the simple formula:

    Stop caring about them.
    Stop giving a damn.
    Stop caring so much.
    Become bored with men.
    Become VERY bored with the ones who are around you.
    Get into your life, hobbies, even the internet.
    Have something to do.
    Do not call. You have something to do somewhere.
    Do not text. You have something to do somewhere.
    Even if it's tidying your apt, you have something to do somewhere.
    You come first.
    You are the queen.
    You are hot.
    You are the boss.
    Mind your own business.
    If another woman comes onto him, LAUGH.
    And do your something you've got to do.

    Then, stop pretending all the above and Simply Become That Girl Who Doesn't Give An Ish. Men can smell this.

    The moment you notice most men are pests and you start wondering why they don't seem to have lives and are always bothering you - even and especially the guy you thought you wanted the most - and the fact he's calling you actually is getting on your nerves - then you know you have got it down pat.

    Now go out there girls, stop giving a damn, and live your life. Once it becomes genuine, those bozos can smell it. The irony is, you won't want them anymore. Even Unattainable Hot Guy who is now calling you will seem like a pest.

    So be warned. You may get what you wish for and it will bug you to death.

    1. You said it and said it in the funniest,down-to-earth way that makes the most sense! You are awesome! For all of us mushy girls who like to be all lovey-dovey when they think they've found the one, we need to read what you just said and POST-IT to our foreheads.

  6. Lol, both the guys I work with I mentioned in paragraph two JUST EMAILED ME! This is sick! :D

  7. lol all guys bug you? are you gay?

  8. I am sorry you are around such undesirable men. This sounds hostile, trite and very unhappy.

    Play it cool, yes. "Play" a player--absolutely. But live a life of irritated defiance towards men who show interest? My dear, you will be playing games all your life and that anger will turn inward.

  9. completely foreign party here, responding to the comment about guys bugging anon #1 being gay, it is possible for guys to annoy you when they call constantly and you're not in the mood to talk to them, or they don't take the hint. she had extremely good advice for all the ladies who needed it (myself included) and i can't comprehend why you would go out and say such an outlandish comment. to be so close minded like that, i can understand why you're having trouble with men. if you prefer to be bothered by men all the time, you really do need to take her advice. she mentioned about six men that hound her constantly, and three of them see her everyday in the work place. now, i don't know about you, but i don't exactly want to hear from coworkers on my free time unless we're dear best friends. certainly not from guys begging for a date.

  10. I am 30 years old have always been that "girl that doesnt give an ish" . Its never been my priority to have a bf....and guess what? I've NEVER had a boyfriend. yes, they are all attracted to me like moths to a flame....but as soon as we decide they are in a relationship, theyre gone. POOF. done.

    I never call them first. I have a career and friends and tons of hobbies...Girls like us are cool at first but that's the only reason they like us...once we become REAL theyre no longer interested.

    Being that girl that doesnt give an ish has ruined my life.

  11. ^^ That's so true. I was recently dating someone for a few months and he was all over me at first because I didn't "give an ish" and the minute I started opening up and letting my guard down a bit he runs off. Men just love the chase

  12. With a man off and on for almost five years.....for the most part we had everything at least i thought.....we were living together and one day i came home from work and there was a note from him saying that things are not working out for him....he left the keys and told me not to call him?..i tried to call he never answered....the weekend before are break up was so wonderful...... the night before he left he woke me up for sex? The morning he left i spoke to him and everything seemed normal? Its been a month and never spoke to him since.....i am so pissed,hurt, seems he knew all along what he was up to and just pulled the rug from under my feet....i just cant fiqure it out...part of me wants to go look for him and just tell him off but yet what would that do???? I just need clousure any suggestion out there i feel so hurt...and makes it hard for me to trust men in the future what should i do to begin healing? ...

    1. Forget him and move on! It's happened to me...the same thing and though it was very difficult in the beginning but time heals. Later I realised it was for the better. Now I got a good guy who I am dating and dont think about my ex anymore. Its true most guys are pests. Treat them like one.

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