Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are You Obsessing Over a Guy?

You might be planning your schedule around him. You won't commit to other activities just in case he fits you in or wants to see you. You watch what you say, and how you act around him. If he does something that hurts your feelings sometimes you let it slide because you are scared you will rock the boat. If you are doing these things, you are obsessing over a guy.

He may get moody and distant. When he does you just get nicer and understanding because you want to be a good little girlfriend. You make him the center of your world because you want him to know how much you care. This is actually the thing that pushes a guy away. The way we pull a guy towards us is by lessening their importance in our lives.

Guys can sense when a girl is obsessing over them and it is not attractive. It comes across as needy. If you want to stop obsessing then you need to stop making him your top priority. Stop being so nice, stop being available every time he calls. Stop making him the center of your world and start making yourself the center of your world.

Funny thing happens when we shift the focus off of him and onto ourselves and our own lives. The guy starts to see you as more attractive. He starts to center more around you. He sees you aren't always at his command or falling all over him known as obsessing over a guy. His attraction is rekindled.

Obsessing over a guy is torture. It consumes you, takes away from your life and your happiness. The way to keep a guy is to not obsess over him. Nice girls that try to hard to make a guy love them usually lose them.

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