Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Handle It When He Stops Calling

There are many reasons why men stop calling, but usually they are feeling pressure. You may not even be aware you are putting this pressure on a guy. Often what happens is when we meet a guy we like, we automatically start seeing him as a potential boyfriend. We unknowingly start acting accordingly.

Maybe you questioned him about when he was going to call or when would you see him again. This is really the role for him to play, not you. When you start questioning him, like where he is, who was there, and you do it in the first stages of dating he starts thinking, wow, what's she going to be like down the road if this gets serious.

So if he stopped calling you for whatever reason the worst thing you can do is reach out to him. If you start calling him, texting him and asking questions, well he is going to know pretty quick that you are putting all of your hopes on him. This is a lot of pressure and will cause a man to run for the hills fast.

When a man stops calling, the best thing you can do is nothing. Don't pick up the phone, don't ask him why, don't text, email or do a drive by. Don't find an excuse to run into him. Any of these things again will make him feel you are placing too much responsibility on him for your happiness. This kind of pressure sends him running further.

When he stops calling, if you do nothing, the pressure is gone. He is also likely to be intrigued. He may then start thinking you aren't all that into him after all. This makes you once again a challenge. He feels safe again and is more likely to call you again. As with anything there is no guarantee. The chances though, if you just leave him be are greater that he will call you again.

When he stops calling if you do nothing, he may see you are drama free and feel safe to contact you again. Men have to feel safe. If you call, ask for explanations it often appears to him that you feel a sense of entitlement which is a huge turn off for a guy.

Have you ever said to one of your girlfriends, "Why is it the ones I don't like call me and the ones I do like stop calling?". There is a reason you like the ones that don't call. They are a challenge. Remember this, it works both ways. Guys talk the same talk to their buds. They often chase the one who seems not so into them. So next time you thing about calling a guy who stopped calling you, remember this.

Rules for calling men are critical in dating. The way you use the phone with texts and calls can kill your dating and make men disappear. Learn when and when not to call men and how these techniques can build intense attraction in men.
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  1. for how many days i should act sf i dont care for him?

  2. i cant think without it confirm after doing all those thing he will really give me some value in his life.

  3. after i got my fellowship,he asked me something to bye for and i bought and he knows that....should i give it to him now?

  4. What if he is overseas?