Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Is He Ignoring Me All Of a Sudden

When your guy starts ignoring you this is a warning flag. Something isn't right. If a guy is smitten with you, he is not going to ignore you. Quite the opposite, he wants to make you happy. If your guy is ignoring you several things could be going on.

First of all, the main reason he is ignoring you could be a simple case of he is taking you for granted. Why though? You probably think you are being a good girlfriend. You do things for him, maybe cook him nice dinners, run errands for him, anything to make his life easier. We as women are care givers. We think the more we give and do the more he will like us. This is not true. Giving more to a man does not make him cherish you more. It actually kills the attraction. You start to look like his mother. If you are doing this, there is your answer as to "why he is ignoring me".

Often guys start to feel like they are losing their freedom. If you are checking on them, calling them, wanting to know who they are with, and where they are a guy starts to panic. He thinks oh boy, here it comes. She is starting to act like my wife. Loss of freedom is one of the biggest fears of guys. If he is feeling this, he will start ignoring you to try to get you to back off. The more you try to talk to him about this, the more he ignores you. He ignores you to keep you at arm's length.

You probably worry is he losing interest if he is ignoring you. If you tolerate his behavior in essence you are telling him it's alright to treat you this way. The more you tolerate, the more he will continue. The more he continues, the more resentment that builds up in you. It's a vicious circle. If you wonder, "why is he ignoring me", maybe you might want to think about why he thinks he can and get away.

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