Thursday, June 2, 2011

What to Do When He Pulls Away

when men pull away
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We have all been there wondering why do men pull away from us when we feel it is going so right.  It may be a few great dates or it may be a longer term relationship.  Regardless when you feel him pulling away, something is usually going on.  It could be nothing it could be something.  What do do when he pulls away? 

Maybe he stopped calling as often, maybe he quit texting.  Perhaps you were going out regularly and now he has stopped pursuing.  Regardless, you feel the distance, you feel it when men pull away.  It's your gut talking and usually when it's your gut talking, you probably need to listen fast.

Your instinct is to ask him what is wrong.  What is he thinking.  Men hate this, they really do. Nothing will put a man on the defense quicker than this.  Chances are you aren't going to get a straight answer because at the moment he doesn't really want to tell you.  He may even get short or irritated with you when you ask or say the usual, nothing is wrong.

One thing I can promise you is the more you push, the further he will run.  What to do when a man pulls away, though not easy, is to mirror him.  Lean back.  Give him space, lots of it and get busy with your life.  The main reason men pull away in the first place is they often feel you are way ahead of them in the relationship.  They don't know how to verbalize this, so they pull back.

The art of leaning back may be the one thing that can save your relationship when he pulls away.  It's a skill that when learned correctly will save you years of heartaches.  You can learn this art of leaning back and cultivating feminine magnetism here.



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  2. So, I know everyone has to say how their situation is different, but I'm so confused right now! Over a holiday weekend I reconnected with a guy I went to high school with. We'd never dated. But as soon as I saw him I was attracted. And he's hilarious. I went to a party at his house. Another night he made me dinner. That night he started playing with me hair. He was so sweet. Against my better judgment, we slept together that night.
    We'd both had longterm relationships that ended around the same time and it had been almost a year that we were single, but he was very clear that he didn't have a heart to give. I stubbornly figured I felt the same way. We hung out a few more times, and we had sex one more time and then he started flaking and then he stopped contacting me.
    It's been months, but he recently reached out again. It took me a while to respond and I ended up changing the date of our lunch he'd asked to take me to. He came and picked me up and took me to a lovely lunch. As he dropped me off, asked if I was busy this weekend or if I wanted to do something to let him know. There was no kissing, nothing really intimate other than a hug. What does this mean? While we were out I noticed he kept grooming himself, like he thought he had something on his face..were these signs he might not just want to be friends and take it slow? What could be going on here?

  3. If he isn't consistent in your life, he may very well be keeping you as just an option. Men when in love and ready to commit don't just come and go, they stay.

    1. That's true..I strongly agree!

    2. this is where Im at with the guy im dating, We have been dating 6 months I have told him from the first date Im not looking for marriage just to date.We get along get except when I found out he was still talking to x and there is know reason for him too there are no children and they were married 1 year first time 1 year 2 time. We have just come back from a great vacation had a awesome time, well time we get home shuts down no talking and no touching , Im at hes home for 3 days like this so I give up and go home, but before I leave I ask is everything ok and he said maybe we were moving to fast and I know something with his family has been on his mine, he said hes been a bachelor along time and that was it had not talked to me again texted me this morning. Good Morning.I know his 25 year old daughter that is married has said some things that is not true, asked why I would not come to her house, because her mother 1 wife might be there and he did not want to make me fill uncomfortable, first wife I have no problem with she has a life partner so no problem there. So what have I done, I know a few thing that you have said not to do being like Mother cooking, cleaning, taking him gifts that has all stopped . I have not called him in two days, where do I go from here?

  4. My man pulls away every so often
    and it really does drive me nuts. But this article states exactly what I do. If I sense he's not trying very hard, neither do I. If he wants to talk on the phone but get together a lot less, I just might not feel like answering the phone. It really helps him to snap out of it.

  5. This is happening to me right now actually. I sent him a text a few days ago nothing big no nagging or clinginess didn't ask him what was wrong. I'm scared its the end. Everything was so great I don't know what happened


  7. I used to worry a lot and think it was the end of the world , felt depressed and anxiety. And then, after one very scary event in my life after witch I appreciate every day I am alive and well I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about anyone who gives me discomfort. If he stopped calling - the hell with him. Do you own thing and LOVE YOURSELF.

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