Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make Him Feel Like a Man and Draw Him Closer

Women today are more independent, we don't really need a man. It leaves a gap there, men do like to feel needed. It makes him feel like a man when you lean on him. He wants to be your hero, so below are some small things you can do to make him feel like a man. You get the idea.

* Ask him to walk you to your car. You need him to keep you safe.
* Ask him to kill all bugs. Look away when he does this.
* Get him to open a jar or lift something for you
* If you are watching a scary movie, bury your head in his chest during the bad parts
* If it's cold outside, ask him to warm your side of the bed
* Let him move any heavy piece of furniture
* Let him park your car or back it out of a tight place. Tell him he is a better driver.
* Any light bulbs you can't make it known you want him to change them
* Have him get rid of the wasp nest on your patio
* Get him to pump your gas
* Request that famous steak or burger he grill so well. Tell him you are craving it.

In essence what I am saying is appreciate him and the little things he does. Don't go overboard though. If he takes you to dinner, thank him, tell him you enjoyed it. Once is enough, you don't want to act like this is your first hot meal in years.

Praise him also. If he does something that makes you happy, tell him. If he takes out your trash, say, wow, thanks, I really didn't want to walk to the dumpster in the dark. Praise goes a long ways in making a man feel like a man and feel appreciated.

Affection is also a good way to make him feel like a man and make him want to be closer to you. Affection is also a good way to show appreciation. If he does something nice for you, smile and give him kiss or a hug. A warm receptive woman makes a man feel like a man and will bring him closer to you.

While men do love the independent woman, the one who doesn't depend on him for her happiness and center her world around him, they do want to feel needed. A man who feels needed will be more likely to open up to you and move closer. Independent women are great, but a ball buster type woman who does everything for herself and doesn't need a man isn't what he is looking for.

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