Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mixed Signals From Men

Do you find you often get mixed signals from men? They speak one thing and do another? Perhaps he says all the right thing, yet you rarely see him, or the opposite, you see him often, but he never tells you how he feels about you. Maybe he is one of those guys that calls or texts, seems interested, but never really puts in effort to see you. Mixed signals  from men come in all sorts of forms, but what does it mean.

More than likely if you are getting these mixed signals from men, you analyze it to death, it's what we do as women. We justify it more than not and make excuses. If you find yourself saying any of the following, please read to the conclusion here.

He works a lot or has a stressful job
He has some family things going on
He has been hurt in the past
His ex cheated on him
He thinks I am too good for him
He may not know I am interested
He fell asleep

The list goes on and on. If a man is giving you mixed signals, you haven't hooked him yet, and this is the bottom line. He may be interested, but he isn't interested enough to give you all the right signals.

I have been with the mixed signal man. He would say all the right things when we talked or were together, only to vanish for days at a time. When he was around, everything was great, but when he wasn't, I had no clue how he felt or where I stood.

Do you wonder what he is thinking? You feel like he cares because of the way he treats you so well at times, but other times you have doubts. A man sending you mixed signals has not moved you to priority in his life or either he is having doubts about you of his own.

We often unknowingly push men away. We make mistakes that we don't even know we make. We send signals to them that tell them we may not be girlfriend relationship material. It could be you call too much, you ask too many questions, he fears loss of his freedom.

For a man to make you a priority, he has to feel safe with you and you need to be aware of the little things women do, mistakes we make that do not make him feel safe. If a man is sending you mixed signals, is it you or is it him?


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