Thursday, April 28, 2011

What to Talk About on a First Date With a Guy

Oh that first date. You finally decided what to wear and now you are stressing over what to talk about. It can be awkward and you want to avoid those moments of silence. I have heard many say to have a list of questions. Don't do this. Don't bombard him with questions. It will seem canned and he will feel like he is on a job interview for the role as husband.

Don't talk about your ex, or past relationships or any hardships you may be going through. This is stuff you talk about once you are in an established relationship. On the other hand if he talks about these things, make a note of the warning flag waiving. If you discuss such serious issues too soon, he will see you as drama ahead. You want to make your first date fun, not serious. First date conversation should just flow.

If it gets awkward and there are moments of silence, make a joke out of it. Just say, wow can we get more awkward. It's the truth and it's honest. It lets him know you are feeling just as awkward as he is, and trust me, he is feeling just as awkward as you.

Whatever you do in a first date conversation don't ask him about his feelings. Men hate talking about their feeeeeellllings, especially on a first date. If you want to know more use phrases like "What do you think about.....", or "tell me more".

Ask him about his career and really listen. Don't interject with your own story when he tells you something. Nothing worse than someone who always has a story to top the one you just told.

Get him talking about his hobbies, maybe his friends. Friends do make great conversations. Most of us have some pretty interesting friends.

Don't be scared to compliment him. If he smells good tell him but don't make a big deal of it. One compliment should be enough on a first date, more than that and you seem desperate.

Always thank him at the end of the date. Do not ask when you will see him again, let him pursue you. Don't text him later and tell him you had a good time, wait and see if he does that. If he had a good time he will. Your only job is to thank him at the end of the date, you don't need to do it again later.

First date conversations should be natural. Not a series of questions and answer. Just be yourself, be charming, a little flirty and smile a lot. Don't over think it.

Prior to a first date, listen to some upbeat music to ease your tension and stress that first dates can cause. I am a seasoned first dater, but I still get apprehensive about first dates. I have recorded a cd to get me in the right frame of mind. No love songs, all upbeat dance type songs.

When wondering what to talk about on a first date, it's really better to not even think about it if you can manage it. Just let it flow.

Feminine Grace is something that hooks a man on a fist date. If you can master this, you can almost always get a second, third, and more. You can learn more about feminine grace here.

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