Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do Men Like a Challenge

When it comes to what men want in a woman, a yes woman is not it. A yes woman puts her man's needs prior to her own. She values his happiness first. The woman that gives too much falls into this category. A woman that gives in easily or is submissive is not very stimulating to obtain. This is the kind of woman that he keeps around as miss right now, but is not the kind of woman a man sees forever with.
The yes woman also becomes dependent on the man for her happiness. This puts a huge amount of pressure on a man. He starts to fear doing things separate from his woman because he has learned to expect her reaction to be one of sadness and disappointment. If you are dependent on a man for your happiness, this is a huge turnoff.
If you doubt men like a challenge think about a man and his car. If he drives a jalopy, he doesn't really care where he parks it. He doesn't care if someone else drives it. It gets him from point A to point B. If on the other hand he has a really nice car, chances are good he had to work hard to earn the money for that car. It holds more value. He cares where it's parked. He won't let just anyone drive it. He washes it every weekend and keeps it clean. It's his pride and joy. What men want in a woman is his pride and joy. If she comes to him easily, her value will be less.
Ever heard a man who has been happily married tell the story of how he won his wife. Watch his face, listen to his story. I would bet he had to go through hell and back to hear him tell it. Men often exaggerate this story. It's their pride and ego. They are proud they won the prize. They are proud of their challenging woman. A challenge is really one of the top things men want in a woman.
Being a challenge to a man is as simple as this. Offering up some resistance. If it's something he can't easily have, it becomes more of a challenge to get it. Resistance is not playing games, it's smart. It can be done in many ways. Something as simple as saying no thanks to a late night booty call is a challenge. It tells him you have more respect for yourself.
Offering resistance is smart because you can see how the man manuevers with this. If he steps it up, he is a worthy candidate. If he is respectful of your resistance, he may be ready for a real relationship. The man that accuses you of playing games with this is often the lazy man and not relationship ready in the first place. Dare to be a challenge to a man.
Stop being a doormat. A man's dream girl includes the term challenge, whether he knows it or not. It's in their nature, they can't help it. What a man wants in a woman is a challenge. The yes girl gets dumped almost every time.

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